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Bernie DiMeo has been one of Chicago’s best known “ad guys” for more than three decades.  He has owned and operated numerous businesses including DiMeo & Company and DiMeo Partners marketing agencies, Hot Sports Grills and Rocco Shirts.  His agencies received national and international awards for creative marketing.  Bernie was ahead of the curve with the Work From Home management style he established for DiMeo Partners several years ago.  Now, in the soon to be post-coronavirus era, Bernie is using his marketing experience to help companies of all sizes navigate choppy marketing waters and help them succeed in today’s economy.



We will help you understand what motivates your potential customers to buy your products or services.  We will analyze your current marketing situation and help develop a brand that will work best for your company.  Marketing is a process.  BD Marketing Consulting will help you develop a multiple pronged marketing strategy to energize your sales.  Without expert guidance, many companies get stuck at a sales plateau.  We will help you move that needle.




BD Marketing Consulting will take a good look at your current marketing – with several fresh sets of eyes – and see how customers are currently responding to it.  Is the strategy right?  What is the strategy?  It is not uncommon for companies to try different types of marketing to “see what sticks”.  But that is not a sustainable way to move your business forward.


Let us expand your capabilities.  In today’s economy a full-scale marketing team or agency is a luxury.  Take advantage of BD Marketing Consulting’s extensive knowledge and expertise at a fraction of the cost.  Plus, we have access to marketing tools your in-house people may not have.


BD Marketing Consulting will get your company the biggest bang for your marketing buck.  For more information contact Bernie DiMeo today at or call 312-217-5658.

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